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Atlanta Auction Marketing

Internet Marketing

The way people find information about auctions in Metro Atlanta has changed. In the past People looked in the newspaper to find an auction. Now, they look to the internet. It is very important to choose an auctioneer who understands how to target buyers in the internet age. My past business experience has given me valuable skills that allow me to successfully market auctions on the internet, where it is possible to reach thousands of interested Atlanta and North Georgia buyers.

Direct Mail & E-mail Marketing

I also use traditional auction marketing techniques with a twist; direct mail targeted to potential interested buyers has been a widely used form of auction marketing for a very long time and can still be effective. Many auctioneers have not yet learned the power of e-mail and fax marketing to reach businesses and individuals. I collect and catalogue e-mail and fax numbers of potential Atlanta and North Georgia auction buyers, which greatly increases the range of potential buyers that receive marketing material related to each auction.


Road signs are, and probably will always be, a great form of advertising auctions in Atlanta and North Georgia, assuming you are well located. If you are hidden from the flow of traffic this makes strong internet marketing and direct marketing very important.